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Solopreneur Success Strategies

Welcome, i'm jane gardner of and here on Solopreneur Success Strategies, I will be talking about entrepreneurial mindset on Mindset Monday to get the week started;

On Get your Message Out Tuesday, I will be talking about your website, your brand and your social media marketing to connect with your customers

then on World Domination Wednesday, i talk about you and your customers; how to find them, keep tme and make them your raving fans;

On Jack or Jill of all Trades, I talk about the skills and knowledge you need in your Solopreneur business and

on Freebie Fridays, its all about free software and tools to help you save time, money and be more productive in your business.

On Systems Saturday, it is all about the systems you can put in your business to free up your time;

On Strategy Sunday, it is all about business strategy, goals and vision for your Lifestyle Business.

Oct 17, 2017

So let's start by talking about why do you want to start a home business.

For those of you who are thinking of starting a home business ask yourself "why" first and then ask yourself "Are you willing to do the things that are needed in order to start a home business?" "

So why are you starting a home business?"

Is it because you want to make more money in your life or do you want to be in control of your own life and be able to be your own boss. "Are you desperate for money?" "Are you wanting to support your family better than you are now?" Do you think that it will be a quick way to make more money than you are disillusioned because starting your own home business will always be a challenge. It will always have its freedom and it may always have its challenges as well as its triumphs.

So let's have a sit down and figure out exactly why "what's the big why" for why you want to start a home business. For more on starting a home business go to